Residents — General Surgery Residency at St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital

Benefits and compensation


  • PGY 1: $57,700
  • PGY 2: $59,800
  • PGY 3: $61,800
  • PGY 4: $64,100
  • PGY 5: $67,100


  • Health insurance is available for resident and eligible dependents as per hospital policy. Includes a resident contribution and the following benefits: medical, prescription drug, dental, and vision care administered through an approved provider program.
  • Long-term disability insurance is payable to eligible employees according to hospital policy.
  • Life Insurance is provided for in the amount of one-time payment of the resident's annual salary.
  • Professional Liability Insurance is provided in the form of an occurrence policy for coverage of all residency-related critical activities.

Paid Time Off

  • PGY 1: 15 days
  • PGY 2, PGY 3, PGY 4, PGY 5: 18 days

Vacation requests are submitted bi-annually to the faculty coordinator who assigns vacation based on seniority and availability. Specific weekend days off or switches are arranged on an individual basis.

Academic Stipend

Board review course for senior level residents and education allowance each year is provided with the approval of the program director. Residents are eligible for $1,500 and five days of conference time per academic year.

Other Benefits

  • Moving expenses : A one-time moving allowance is available for eligible residents at an amount not to exceed $1,000. This is subject to IRS rules, original receipts required. program directors determine eligibility.
  • Meals : A $250 monthly food allowance in the hospital cafeteria is provided to each resident.
  • Parking: Free parking in attached, gated garage on the hospital campus
  • Fitness facilities : Free fitness center membership located on the premises
  • Child care : Child care, located within walking distance of the hospital, which provides flexible hours of service. Residents are eligible for an employee discount
  • On-call quarters : Furnished on-call quarters with appropriate amenities available to all residents


Meet the current General Surgery residents.

Lifestyle in the Area 

Youngstown is in northeastern Ohio, roughly 10 miles from the Pennsylvania border. It is situated halfway between Pittsburgh and Cleveland, about 90 minutes from each city center. Youngstown and the surrounding area are home to a large variety of recreational activities including several parks, golf courses, disc golf, museums and historic sites, live theater and music performances, bike trails, as well as many festivals and more. Popular areas for residents to live include Boardman, Niles, Canfield, Warren, Girard and Vienna.

What to expect

At St. Elizabeth, we have a wonderful air of camaraderie and we frequently have residency sponsored wellness events as well as organizing our own. Being between Cleveland, Akron and Pittsburgh offers a wide array of activities from hiking, biking, rock climbing, boating, kayaking and scuba diving to professional sports, professional arts, museums, as well as unique and fine dining.

Call Schedule 

Our program uses a night float system for call, with a night float team on four-week rotations Sunday through Friday night. Saturday is a 24-hour call, which all residents except for the pediatrics resident are rotated through. Residents not on call over the weekend are not expected to round.

Holidays are treated as weekend calls or night calls, with an on-call team. Four days off are provided for New Year’s Day or Christmas, and the remainder of holidays are distributed as equally as possible among the residents.

Average Hours a Week

Residents typically work 12- to 13-hour shifts, with 24-hour shifts on Saturdays only.