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Daniel is a 29-year-old with a college education. He has also battled an addiction for seven years. But thanks to new procedure, made possible in part by the Mercy Health Foundation, Daniel is happy to be celebrating one year of sobriety.

After an overdose, Daniel's family brought him to Mercy Health West Hospital. In the emergency room, Daniel received a SBIRT screening, which stands for Screening, Brief Intervention, Referral to Treatment.

SBIRT screenings help normalize the conversation around addiction. When a patient arrives in an emergency room showing signs of drug or alcohol addiction, a nurse or addiction specialist can refer that patient directly to treatment. This is in contrast to the typical hospital setting, where a patient would leave with a warning from their doctor to find treatment on their own. 

SBIRT screenings are made possible in part from a $485,840 gift to the Mercy Health Foundation - Greater Cincinnati. Nearly 28,000 screenings have been conducted, with 5% of those leading to intervention and 3% leading to a referral for treatment. 

In Daniel's case, he was able to get into a detox treatment program quickly. There, he received a referral to an intense outpatient treatment center, where he is still a patient. While his family once felt helpless, they're now happy to be celebrating Daniel's chance at a new life.

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