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The Mercy Health Foundation of Lorain County secured a $250,000 grant to help expand community outreach by providing school-based health clinics (SBHC) throughout the Lorain City School District. Katie Malear is the clinical provider in the SBHCs, and has seen first-hand the positive impact that these clinics have had on students and families.

In one case, the SBHCs helped treat a family that was new to the school district. The mother was a single parent with five children. The family had abruptly relocated to the school district after escaping an abusive situation.

Without a vehicle, the family was forced to walk everywhere. And because all five children had asthma, their symptoms were constantly aggravated. Fortunately, the family was able to find the care they needed for their asthma within the school-based clinic. 

“It was a godsend for this family," Katie said. "I truly believe that having these clinics directly in the schools has eliminated some otherwise insurmountable barriers to care for students and families."

The Mercy Foundation of Lorain County helps extend the healing ministry of Jesus by improving the health of our community with emphasis on people who are poor and under-served. As the philanthropic arm of Mercy Health, our goal is to support the mission and objectives of the organization. Through partners like you, we help ensure everyone in Lorain County has access to quality and compassionate health care when they need it most. 

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