Infusions & PICC LIne

We are dedicated to the patients in the communities we serve. We want to be your partner in patient care and offer services that keep patients closer to home. Our infusion services include PICC lines with Certified PICC Line nurses.

Certified PICC Line nurses at Marcum & Wallace Hospital are available to you to start, care for and   maintain, and discontinue Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter Lines (PICC Lines). MWMH has a zero percent infection rate for PICC Lines. 

Schedule a PICC Line (Monday through Friday) by calling 606-726-2102.

For additional information or questions, contact: or 606-726-2102.
Mid-Long Term IV Therapy (5 days to one year)
Home/Alternative infusion
Medications that are irritating to the peripheral vein
Poor Peripheral vein access on admission

Administration of many injectable medications, including but not limited to:
• Blood transfusions
• Central venous access management
• Hydration therapy
• IV iron therapy

Infusions of many medications, including:
• Aranesp
• Stelara
• Reclast/Zometa
• Solu-Medrol
• Neulasta
• Vaccines

Other services we offer include:
• Catheter de-clotting
• Dressing changes
• PICC lines
• Port flushing

The above list are examples of the types of infusions, procedures and related services that we can provide. If you have other needs, please call 606-726-2146 and we will work with you.

We accept patients by referral. You must have a referral from your healthcare provider.