Swing Bed Program

The swing bed program is an ideal solution for patients who no longer need to be in a hospital, but who need more time to heal and strengthen before they go home. With the Medicare-certified swing bed program, patients who normally would leave to go to a rehab center or nursing home can remain in their same hospital bed. Their room doesn’t change. The quality of the care doesn’t change. But the type of care does. The focus shifts from treating the illness or condition to helping the patient regain strength and mobility and become independent again. With a caring touch, our highly trained staff will help ease the transition between hospital and home.  For additional information, call 606-726-2159.

You may be a candidate for swing bed care if:

• You need rehab after orthopedic surgery or fractures
• You’ve had a stroke
• You receive intravenous (IV) antibiotic therapy
• You need continued wound care
• You need to regain your strength and mobility

Your swing bed team will include:

• Your primary doctor or a hospital-based doctor (called a hospitalist) who keeps your doctor informed
• A case manager who coordinates care
• Nurses
• Dietitian
• Physical, occupational, speech and respiratory therapists