St. Rita's offers comprehensive inpatient cancer services including:

  • Chemotherapy Infusions
  • Transfusions of Many Types of Blood Products
  • Pain Management
  • Disease Management

The St. Rita's oncology unit, located on the 5th floor of St. Rita's Medical Center K tower, has 28 private suites. 

St. Rita's nurses who care for cancer patients are specially trained in oncology nursing and in chemotherapy, with 94% of the nurses being certified in oncology nursing (Oncology Certified Nurses-OCN). Certified oncology nurses assure patients they are receiving care from the most qualified nurses in their field. Certified oncology nurses must pass an examination and stay abreast of current issues in oncology management to maintain their certification. 

A team approach is utilized in delivering oncology services and programs to help patients and their families in the fight against cancer diseases. Team members may include: 

  • Physicians
  • Oncology Nurses
  • Care Facilitators
  • Oncology Social Workers
  • Dietitians
  • Palliative (Comfort Measures) Care Nurses
  • Spiritual Care Services

St. Rita's is dedicated to healing the mind, body and soul, and with this philosophy takes a holistic approach in the treatment of cancer diseases offering a host of complementary services and programs palliative care (comfort) care services and special pampering services from St. Rita's Patient Pride volunteers.