Cardiac Scoring

St. Rita's offers a basic heart screening that evaluates your risk of coronary artery disease called cardiac scoring. Using high speed CT scanning equipment, images of the heart and the blood vessels supplying blood to the heart muscle are recorded. Based on your age, these images provide a basis to measure the amount of calcium in the heart's vessels, or your "calcium score." Why measure calcium? Over time, calcium can build up in the coronary vessels and potentially lead to plaque. Plaque build up can lead to blockages that cause heart attack or other heart disorders. 

Cardiac scoring is a part of assessing your risk for heart disease. Your physician can assess your heart disease risk by determining:

  • Your Family History of Heart Disease and Diabetes
  • Smoking Habit
  • Weight Issues
  • Activity Level
  • Other Clinical Tests, Including Blood Pressure and Laboratory Tests for High Cholesterol

If you have questions or concerns about risk factors for heart disease, schedule an appointment with your family physician or contact St. Rita's.