Advanced Therapy to Help You Recover Quickly

Recovery from surgery or a hospital visit may require therapy to help you return to normal activity. Mercy Health — West Park offers advanced physical, occupational and speech therapy in a comfortable setting. A spacious gym has the equipment and space your therapist needs for the most effective therapy. Treatments are available up to seven days a week to help you recover quickly.

Private rooms and a private dining room provide a restful atmosphere. Every aspect of rehabilitation at Mercy Health — West Park is designed to help you regain function and return to normal life.

Coordination of Care

Mercy Health — West Park allows admissions any time, night or day. We work closely with Mercy Health and other local hospitals to coordinate care and ensure that your doctor’s orders are followed before, during and after your transition.

During this transition from nursing care to home, our respite care program can help you maintain your progress toward recovery. This complete care also gives your caregivers peace of mind.

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