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Temporary Visitor Restrictions

We have all been greatly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and perhaps none greater than our long-term care (LTC) communities, our residents, their loved ones and our compassionate associates who care for them. We are pleased to be able to continue to allow visitors into our facilities due to stringent guidelines that have kept our associates and residents safe as well as the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines throughout our community. Please see the most current guidelines for visitation below:

Reservations for visits will be made with the long-term care (LTC) receptionists. 

  • Visitors will be limited to 2 visitors over the age of 16. 
  • Visits will be 30 minutes in duration and the facility is recommending two per week in order to accommodate all residents. (45 minutes for outdoor) 
  • Recommended visitation hours are Monday through Friday 9am - 6pm; Saturday & Sunday 10am – 4pm. Exceptions can be requested. 
  • Visitors will be asked to maintain six feet social distancing. 
  • Visitors will be asked to arrive 10 minutes prior to their scheduled time. 

Upon arrival, the visitor will be temperature screened and asked to complete COVID-19 signs/symptom education sheets. If the visitor is noted to have a temperature, and/or if they have had exposure to a COVID-19 individual; they will be asked to leave, and the visit will be rescheduled. The receptionist will guide the visitor through sanitizing their hands and putting on required PPE. 

The Receptionist or a designated staff member will lead the family member to their assigned spot for their visit. The Nursing staff will make sure that the resident has their mask on and that they are in the spot assigned for the visit. The designated staff member will be rounding the assigned spots throughout the 30-45-minute visit to make sure residents and visitors are following the rules. The nursing staff and/or designated staff members will, after 30-45 minutes, return to the assigned spot, assist the resident with sanitizing their hands and then take the resident back to the unit. The Receptionist or designated staff member will lead the visitor out of the visitation area.