The goal of palliative care is to prevent and ease suffering and improve the quality of your life. It is an approach to care that focuses on the comfort of people who have life-limiting or life-threatening illnesses.

Palliative care does not replace your primary treatment. It works along with the treatment you are currently receiving. Palliative care is not the same as hospice care. Hospice focuses on comfort, but not cure. You may receive palliative care at the same time that you are receiving curative care, such as chemotherapy and hospitalization.

Services the Palliative Care Team Can Offer:

  • Expert treatment of pain and other symptoms
  • Clear, open communication
  • Help navigating the health care system
  • Guidance with difficult and complex treatment choices
  • Detailed practical information and assistance
  • Emotional and spiritual support for you and your family

For information about our hospice program, palliative care, bereavement services or volunteer opportunities, please call 440-934-1458.