Nursing at Lourdes

As a nurse, you have answered a special calling. As a nurse at Lourdes, you will have the potential to fulfill your professional dreams and achieve a sense of pride you may not have imagined.

At Lourdes, we are dedicated to remaining our region's leader in technology and treatment advances. We recognize and value the professional role of nursing within our health care team. We are committed to excellence, as exemplified by our many nursing quality successes. Most of all, we enjoy and build on our atmosphere of teamwork, compassion and respect.

For our nursing populous, this means the chance to implement and develop your professional skills. It means the opportunity to play a valued role, provide the best patient care possible, and help shape the future of our organization and the future of healthcare in western Kentucky.

We care about patients, we care about the members of our healthcare team, and we care about the profession of nursing. We sincerely hope that you will join our quest for continued excellence.

American Nurses Association

Nursing positions available at Lourdes

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