Occupational therapy services are provided for conditions in which the upper extremities are affected and for assistance with activities of daily living. The goal of therapy is to assist the patient to become as independent and safe in their own care as possible.
Services include:

  • Instruction and training on dressing, bathing, meal preparation, and other activities of daily living 
  • Strengthening of upper body
  • Assessment and evaluation of fine motor activity and treatment to improve function

 Lourdes physical therapists are all licensed and work under specific orders from your physician to provide excellent, safe and individualized care. Physical therapists help patients to regain strength, balance and mobility through customized, individual plans of therapy. You can return to independence more quickly through one-on-one skilled care in the privacy of your own home with simple portable equipment, hands-on care.

Lourdes HomeCare provide services for:

  • Swallowing and feeding disorders
  • Cognitive and communication problems
  • Voice disorders and alternative/ augmentative communication methods  

Our therapists will also provide individualized training to you and your family or caregivers, so you can effectively manage your care at home.