Post-Stroke Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation helps Stroke survivors return to independent living

Studies have shown that rehabilitation is the best way to recover after a stroke. Our acute rehabilitation inpatient program has earned accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, which is only given to an elite group of rehabilitation facilities for exceptional service and quality.

Mercy Health - Acute Rehabilitation and Therapy (located on the campus of Mercy Health -  St. Charles Hospital) offers:
  • 24-hour physician coverage and rehabilitation nursing care
  • 18 private rooms with large private bathrooms
  • Activity area where you can meet and interact with other patients facing the same challenges
  • Physical, occupational and/or recreational therapists
  • Care and advice from speech language pathologists, audiologists, psychiatrists, dietitians and prosthetist/orthoptist
  • Pastoral care

Your rehabilitation plan depends on what you need to be independent again. Plans can include:

  • Self-care skills such as feeding, grooming, bathing, toileting and dressing
  • Mobility skills such as transferring, walking or self-propelling a wheelchair
  • Communication skills in speech and language
  • Cognitive skills such as memory or problem solving
  • Social skills for interacting with other people

Rehabilitation doesn’t reverse the effects of a stroke, but it can build your strength, capability and confidence to carry on with your life.

You and your family will also receive assistance in creating a discharge plan to return home. It’s important to follow up with your stroke specialist 75–100 days after discharge to ensure positive long-term outcomes.

Stroke support group

Mercy Health works closely with the local Stroke and DaZy Aphasia support groups to bring individuals and families together to share needs and concerns. Support groups provide an opportunity for family members and stroke survivors to gain confidence and receive support as they go through the process of rehabilitation. The stroke nurses at the Mercy Health Stroke Centers act as liaisons for patients, families and local support groups.