Cost-effective Inguinal Hernia Repair

For many patients, the most cost-effective option for hernia repair is an out-patient procedure under local sedation with IV sedation.  Some patients and some hernias are not candidates for this approach, but most will qualify.

Advantages are:

  • lowest cost
  • avoiding pulmonary complications of general anesthesia, minimize post-operative urinary problems
  • facilitates care and transportation day of surgery

This approach is especially attractive to self-pay patients and those with a high deductible or HSA insurance. Patients referred to the Hernia Center through Immergrun for first time hernia repairs have a surgeon guarantee. If one of our self-pay patients experiences a failure of a primary inguinal hernia repair, we will repair it without charging a surgeon’s fee (though facility and other charges will still apply).

Robotic Surgical Options

Robotically assisted laparoscopic repairs are an attractive for option for many patients with inguinal hernias and other certain types of ventral hernias. Generally inguinal hernias occurring on both sides are especially suitable for this technique. For some recurrent hernias in the groin this approach can also be advantageous. Robotic surgery for one sided inguinal hernias is also available but not as often recommended due to the higher cost of this approach and generally quick recovery for unilateral surgery for the open approaches mentioned above. 

Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

When very large hernias require repair, special surgical techniques are needed for adequate reconstruction of the abdominal wall. These are referred to as Abdominal Wall Reconstruction techniques. The team at the Mercy Health - Hernia Center has been utilizing these type techniques, when needed, for more than 10 years. This is a constantly evolving field. Tracking and evaluating results of these repairs through the American Hernia Society Quality Collaborative is an important part of the care at the hernia center.