Multicultural Competence & Inclusion

Mercy Health Mission is rooted in the healing ministry of Jesus, who extended His care and concern to every person without exception. In imitation of Jesus, we extend care and concern to all in need out of respect and a desire for inclusion.

At Mercy Health, All Are Welcome.
Our Core Values of Compassion, Excellence, Human Dignity, Justice, Sacredness of Life, and Service are consistently expressed in all we do.

Through Compassion and inclusion, we live our mission in ways that enable us to be God’s healing presence to others.

Consistent with our value of Human Dignity, Mercy Health is an equal opportunity employer. Mercy Health welcomes opportunities to promote Justice. As a result, Mercy Health employs the individual most qualified to perform the duties of a job. We do not discriminate due to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, national origin, age, ancestry, veteran status, disability or other protected status established by law. Mercy Health is committed to a diverse work force and works to hire employees who reflect the communities it serves. This effort is one of the concrete ways our values are put into action.

Because we value the Sacredness of Life, special attention is given to patients and residents with disabilities. Consistent with Equal Employment Opportunity and Joint Commission standards, Mercy Health does not discriminate, but honors the rights of individuals with disabilities by providing assistance and auxiliary aids to enable them to fully benefit from the use of our facilities, services and programs. We make every effort to meet or exceed requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Recognizing that effective communication is one of the vital links in providing quality care, Mercy Health provides language interpretation services for limited- or non-English speaking persons, including current and prospective patients and their families.

Cultural Competency at Mercy Health

Sensitive to each person’s social, cultural and linguistic needs, we provide care tailored to meet individual needs as part of our commitment to be of Service. In this way, Mercy Health encourages the development of cultural competence skills.

Cultural competence comes not from knowing all the differences among people, but rather from the staff’s sensitivity to the potential for differences. Culturally competent care accepts the patient’s worldview and considers the context of their diverse values, beliefs and behaviors when providing care.

At Mercy Health, we believe that strong cultural competency will increase patient safety, improve patient, resident and customer satisfaction, and result in better quality outcomes. We continue to take steps to increase cultural competence among our leaders, caregivers, medical staff and all our associates. We continue to strive together for Excellence.

Katrina Walker


Program Manager EEO/AA Compliance
Katrina L. Walker