From the Director of the Podiatry Section,

Lawrence DiDomenico, DPM


The section of podiatry offers diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle, and lower leg.



Michelle Anania, DPM

Joseph Arters, DPM

David Baer, DPM

Philip Balmenti, DPM

Joseph Barak, DPM

John Barrett, DPM

Gregory Blasko, DPM

Christian Carbonell, DPM

John Chiaro, DPM

Vern Chuba, DPM

Edward Cosentino, DPM

Robert Debiec, DPM

Lawrence DiDomenico, DPM, Director

Kenneth Emch, DPM

John Flauto, DPM

Joseph Fonagy, DPM

Joseph Francisco, DPM

Salvatore Frangiamore, DPM

Thomas Groner, DPM

Derrick Jackson, DPM

Cara Kalogerou, DPM

Lawrence Karlock, DPM

E. David Podolsky, DPM

James Prommersberger, DPM

Rudy Rouweyha, DPM

Mark Smesko, DPM

Frank Yannucci, DPM



All surgeons may admit, evaluate, diagnose, consult, and provide preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative surgical care and correct or treat various condition, illnesses, and injuries of the surgical anatomy. The minimum number of procedures must be performed in a 2-year period to comply with appointment and reappointment criteria.