There are many options for enhancing the look of your skin. Dr. Adam Cash offers the latest techniques proven to provide quick, long-lasting results.

Botox Cosmetic helps women and men resolve many of the lines and creases that commonly make us look older before we're ready, including:

  • Horizontal forehead furrows
  • Vertical lines between the eyebrows
  • Crow's feet around the outside corners of the eyes

Many patients achieve impressive results by combining small needle injections of BOTOX with wrinkle fillers like Restylane®, JUVÉDERM® Injectable Gel, Radiesse®, laser skin resurfacing, or another modern skin care treatment.

Fat Injections 
Facial fat transfer is an exciting minimally invasive rejuvenation procedure which allows Dr. Cash to sculpt and restore the face to its natural youthful beauty. The procedure can be used alone or in combination with other procedures such as a facelift or eyelid surgery. During a facial fat transfer, fat is first harvested from an area of the body, such as the abdomen or hips through a gentle suctioning technique. The fat is purified in the operating room, and placed in areas that have lost a youthful appearance.

Laser Hair Reduction 
A laser produces a beam of highly concentrated light that is absorbed by the pigment located in hair follicles. The laser pulses for a fraction of a second, just long enough to vaporize the pigment, disabling numerous follicles at a time to eliminate or significantly impede the hair's re-growth.

Our state-of-the-art technology protects and cools the upper layer of the skin before, during, and after each pulse while directing the laser energy to the root. The combination of this aggressive skin cooling and other key laser parameters allows safe and effective treatment of all skin types and colors.

Laser hair removal is extremely effective for dark hair (brown & black) and the hair reduction is permanent. Blonde and grey hair is not effectively removed by the laser.

Laser Resurfacing 
Also called "laser peel," men and women of all ages may benefit from laser resurfacing. The best results from the procedure are typically seen in individuals with fair, healthy, non-oily skin.  Our state of the art Sciton laser can effectively improve fine lines and vertical lines especially around the mouth, facial scars caused by injury or accident, scars caused by acne, areas of uneven pigmentation, such as age spots; lines on the cheeks caused by sun damage. 

Available treatments include:

  • Sciton BBL BroadBand Light - Phototherapy - broadband light treatment for age spots, wrinkles and redness
  • Sciton Contour TRL - unparalleled wrinkle reduction and improvement in skin texture
  • Sciton MicroLaser Peel - Superficial skin resurfacing, an easy and effective way to improve skin texture
  • Sciton ProFractional-XC - Fractional resurfacing provides maxium laser resurfacing with minimum downtime

Skin Cancer Reconstruction 
Anyone can get skin cancer regardless of their age, race, skin type or color. Certain individuals have a higher genetic predisposition for skin cancer. You may be at greater risk for developing skin cancer if you have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Your skin is fair and freckles easily.
  • You have light-colored hair and eyes.
  • You have a large number of moles, or moles of unusual size or shape.
  • You have a family history of skin cancer or a personal history of blistering sunburn.
  • You spend a lot of time working or playing outdoors.
  • You live closer to the equator, at a higher altitude, or in any place that gets intense, year-round sunshine.
  • You received therapeutic radiation treatments for adolescent acne.

Skin Care 
We take special care to offer our patients skin care products that are safe, proven, and professional-grade, including:

  • Obagi®
  • Vivite®
  • LATISSE® (Grow, longer, fuller, and darker eyelashes)

Whether you visit us for cosmetic surgery or a non-surgical treatment, we will help you choose the right product for your unique skin care needs. 

Wrinkle Fillers 
Our variety of modern wrinkle fillers makes it so quick and easy to enhance your facial features. Unlike many plastic surgeons, Dr. Cash performs these treatments himself to ensure precise, natural looking results. Women and men choose wrinkle fillers to correct many signs of aging, including:

  • Crow's feet around the eyes
  • Deep furrows across the forehead
  • Nasolabial folds and "marionette lines" around the mouth
  • Fine lines around the lips

These fillers can also be used to temporary enhance lips and fill in certain scars.