Common Injuries with Overhead Athletes Seminar

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7495 State Rd.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45255
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Mercy Health has skilled physicians, physical therapists, and programs to help identify and treat common upper extremity problems associated with overhead athletes.

Did you know that:
• 24% of elite tennis players (age 12–19 years) report increased shoulder pain.
• Shoulder pain occurrences increase to 50% for senior tennis players (> 35 years old).
• 40% of asymptomatic overhead athletes display positive rotator cuff pathology in their dominant shoulder upon MRI testing.
• Over 40% of all injuries associated with swimming are related to the shoulder.
• Over 90% of elite swimmers experience shoulder pain with 69% of that group demonstrating positive findings with MRI studies.

Mercy Health physicians, physical therapists and personal trainers offer award-winning, comprehensive sports medicine and return to sport rehabilitation care close to home.

Join us on August 16 for the Common Injuries with Overhead Athletes Seminar to learn how to prevent or care for shoulder and elbow injuries and what Mercy Health can do for you.