Mercy Health Price Estimation Tool

When you need medical care, tests or a procedure, cost is often one of the last things discussed. That essential, but often uncertain, detail can cause additional stress. Now, with our easy-to-use Price Estimation Toolyou can get a rough idea of your out-of-pocket costs for hundreds of our most common services. 

This online tool helps you know what to expect before your treatment or procedure — and it’s just one way we help to make health care easier for you.

What is included in an estimate?

 Estimates often include hospital services, materials, supplies, ancillary services and some physician services. They may not include other costs that can come from items like additional imaging, some physician services (e.g., anesthesiology, radiology) and more. These services are often billed separately from the hospital.

How accurate are estimates?

 We try our best to give you an accurate estimate. However, many factors go into the final cost. Because of this, an estimate is not a quote or guarantee. The actual price you pay may be higher or lower than this estimate. 

If insurance information is included within this estimate, it is based on information provided by your insurance company at the time the estimate is made. Please contact your insurance company to confirm how your costs will be calculated.

What will I need? 

You will need to have your health insurance policy information in order to receive an accurate estimate for our services. Following a series of questions, you will receive a price estimate that you can print and bring with you to the hospital. 

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