This is what we were meant to do.

Community Health Annual Report

Community Health continues to address the health and well-being of our patients, communities and stakeholders by implementing programming, growing partnerships, providing services and supporting community needs in innovative and impactful ways. The newly released Community Health 2021 Annual Report highlights both market and system partnerships, strategies and interventions.

2021 Report

Each region’s assessment and implementation plan can be found below.

Community Health Findings and Reports

Community Health is committed to addressing the social needs and social determinants of health for patients and communities throughout our footprint. In partnership with local, regional and national community partners, thought leaders and stakeholders, Community Health is committed to seeing health broadly through a lens of equity, addressing the root causes of health disparity through intentional engagement, comprehensive community investment and impactful programming. The shared findings and reports provide an overview of our community and place-based work.

2022 Cincinnati Housing Stabilization Evaluation Reinvestment Fund Report

For this ministry, the health of our communities is more than a program. It is a calling from our heritage, a core value in a volatile world, a charge from those who came before us. By improving the health of our communities, we honor them and truly extend the healing ministry of Jesus.

We provide an essential safety net for people who need our help. Those who come to us receive compassionate and quality care, regardless of their ability to pay. We will help people who don’t have insurance or who need additional assistance to meet their healthcare expenses.

Bringing care to the community with 244 programs and serving over 250,000 people.

We know that people often lack the proper nutrition, opening the way for chronic diseases like diabetes. Mothers can’t access quality prenatal care, so the health of their children suffers. Many go without regular dental services. That forces families into a battle with health problems they could have prevented years before. Many times, those without resources struggle to find the basics of a healthy life — child care, transportation, even the next meal. To those in poverty, even a trip to the doctor’s office can seem impossible to navigate. In all of our communities, local Mercy Health leaders are crafting Mission-based solutions to meet those needs. Partnerships are a key strategy, blending our own care expertise with the core competencies of others. These solutions are more than just numbers. They are the soul of Mercy Health.

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$383 million in community benefit, more than $1 million a day.

Our dedication to improving the health of our communities is strong and enduring. When you walk into a Mercy Health facility, you should feel different about the care you receive — mind, body and spirit. We carry the same spirit, the same calling, out in our neighborhoods, schools and houses of worship. The women religious who founded our ministry called us to do no less.

Community Health Needs Assessment

Mercy Health devotes significant time and attention to researching and planning ways to address each community’s most urgent needs. One element of this process is a periodic, comprehensive Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) for each Mercy Health facility. Through our focused assessments, Mercy Health is identifying the greatest health needs in each of our communities, enabling our team to direct resources toward the outreach, prevention, education and wellness opportunities that can make the greatest impact.