Financial and Statistical Narrative for Investors

Welcome to the Financial Info section of Mercy Health's website. Mercy Health provides financial and statistical information to visitors of this website as part of our continuing disclosure. Annual audited consolidated financial information is updated no later than 150 days after each fiscal year end (December 31). Unaudited quarterly financial information, utilization statistics, financial analyses and management discussion is updated not later than 60 days after each of the first three fiscal quarter ends (March 31, June 30 and September 30).

Mercy Health posts certain financial information, including audit reports and unaudited information, certain statistical information and explanations of such information in narrative form (collectively, "the Information"). Management of Mercy Health believes the Information to be correct as of the date or dates contained therein. However, the financial affairs of Mercy Health change constantly, and such changes may be material. Readers are advised that Mercy Health has not undertaken, assumes no duty and is not obligated to update the Information.

By accessing this site, readers acknowledge that:

  • The Information speaks only as of the date or dates indicated therein.
  • Mercy Health has not undertaken, assumed any duty and is not obligated to update the Information.
  • The Information has not been updated since the date or dates indicated therein and will not be updated unless such updated Information is posted on this website.
  • The reader does not assume that the affairs of Mercy Health have not changed since the date or dates indicated in the Information.
  • The reader acknowledges that past financial results do not predict future financial performance.
  • No offering of securities or solicitation of an offer to buy securities is intended by Mercy Health due to the posting of the Information on this website.
  • Because the Information may be out of date or incomplete for certain purposes, the reader will not rely on the Information in making a current decision to purchase, sell or hold or to recommend the purchase, sale or holding of any securities of or issued for the benefit of Mercy Health.



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