Mercy Health Orthopedic Service Line in Cincinnati was expanded in 2014 when the 2 leading Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine groups joined the Mercy Health System.  Both groups had long histories of business success providing surgery, rehabilitation, injury prevention, community and school outreach services and internationally recognized educational and research programs. 

As part of the Mercy Health network these groups teamed with leadership to develop the Physical Therapy Specialty Residencies in Sports and Orthopedics.

The Sports and Orthopedics Residencies are fully accredited by the American Board of Physical Therapy Residency and Fellowship Education (ABPTRFE). The American Physical Therapy Association recognizes the American Board of Physical Therapy Residency and Fellowship Education (ABPTRFE) as the agency for the accreditation of physical therapy residency and fellowship education programs.  The American Board of Physical Therapy Residency and Fellowship Education (ABPTRFE) determines the standards with which a residency or fellowship education program must comply to be accredited. ABPTRFE provides an efficient and credible system for the evaluation, initial accreditation, and renewal of accreditation of physical therapist clinical and non-clinical residency/fellowship programs.

 At Mercy Health our focus is how we serve our patients:

  • Patient Satisfaction is our highest priority and strive to provide a compassionate, patient-centered environment.
  • We develop highly skilled professionals through a commitment to continuing education, advanced specialty training, competency assessment through specialty certification, teaching and student clinical affiliations throughout the continuum care.
  • We encourage multidisciplinary collaborations in patient care programs, education and teaching.
  • The environment encourages and supports active participants as faculty to mentor staff and teach students enrolled in health related professional programs.
  • We are responsive to the needs of individuals of all backgrounds and serve as a vital resource to the local community.
  • We expect our staff to be responsible for the continuous improvement of quality in all aspects of the services we provide.
  • We set the standards of excellence in cost-effective, quality rehabilitation health care.
  • We commit to the establishing mutually supportive liaisons among all of our facilities that are members of the Mercy Health system and our partners in clinical research, education and teaching.