Build and sustain healthy teams through private and personalized concierge care.

Healthy teams are the lifeblood of thriving organizations. Just as we look at the whole person in delivering health care, we look at the unique and total needs of your organization in shaping your employee health plans and programs. We can help you reduce costs where you need to, create programs to build and sustain healthy teams, and service your organization’s key leaders with convenient, private and personalized concierge care.

Human Performance Programs

Our well-being philosophy is to partner with employers to offer meaningful programs and services to create working well communities through a comprehensive, high-quality network of care. From nutritional programs, to fitness centers, physical trainers, …

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On-Site and Near-Site Clinics

Whether you’re looking to create a full suite of on-site health offerings including medical staff, pharmacy services and state of the art testing equipment, or having a location nearby that’s convenient for your staff, our team can plan, build, and staff …

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Pharmacy Services

Mercy Health has developed a unique capability to blend the ability to assess an employer’s pharmacy benefit plan utilization and streamline the ambulatory formulary. We work with employers to control their pharmacy cost through an action plan implemented …

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Occupational Health

HR executives of leading organizations understand the importance of the physical and mental fitness of their employees, and even more importantly, mitigating risk when it comes to their safety and compliance in highly complex work environments. Some …

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Executive Health

We understand that healthy leaders are your greatest asset, our solutions help protect and preserve your leadership. We offer highly personalized, concierge care for the leading executives across Ohio and Kentucky. Our executive health services are always …

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Nurse Access

The Nurse Access line helps your organization reduce health care spend as part of an employee benefit plan. It is a round-the-clock solution to connect employees and their covered dependents with appropriate health care. By using nationally recognized …

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