A life-saving festival booth - The Marcum & Wallace Foundation

At age 70, Jim was enjoying retirement and staying active retirement. He spent often spent time working on projects around the house, including gardening his 25 flower beds.

One Saturday in October, Jim was moving a large table from his house to another property just down the road. After moving the furniture, Jim got a feeling that something just wasn’t right, but he wrote it off as a muscle strain from moving the table. When Jim got home, he was experiencing chest pain. Jim checked his blood pressure, which read high. Although this was not normal, he continued on with his day.

Later that day, Jim and his wife traveled to Beattyville for a festival. In addition to browsing booths for food and shopping, they visited the Marcum & Wallace Memorial Hospital booth for free health screenings. One of the screenings the hospital was offering is a carotid artery ultrasound, thanks to technology provided by donors to the Marcum & Wallace Foundation. The screening checks for clogs and plaque build-up in the arteries. Because Jim’s mother passed away from a stroke, he always visits the booth to keep a close check on his arteries.

When Jim explained how he was feeling to hospital staff, they immediately knew something more serious than a muscle strain was going on, and they sent Jim to the emergency room. After receiving additional tests from the lab, Jim learned he had had a heart attack earlier that morning.

Jim and his wife were relieved to learn his heart muscle wasn’t damaged and he didn’t have any clogged arteries or permanent damage. Today, Jim is back to enjoying his retirement and maintaining those 25 flower beds, much in thanks to the donors that made his free health screening possible.

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