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Darlene was enjoying retirement when she felt heart palpitations and dizziness. She was referred to a cardiologist specializing in electrophysiology. Darlene was having PVCs and needed a cardiac ablation.

Darlene’s procedure was performed in the hybrid OR, a space made possible through community s

upport from the Mercy Health Foundation of Greater Lima’s Invest in Your Health campaign. There was a complication during the procedure but, due to this space’s multifunctional capabilities and the caregivers’ exceptional skills, the problem was quickly addressed and corrected.

Darlene credits the donors who gave to the Foundation and supported the hybrid OR project. “It’s wonderful to have this space right here, and not have to go out of town for this procedure. This has meant so much to my family. I’m feeling well enough that I was able to swim with dolphins on our recent cruise!”

For almost 100 years, St. Rita's has provided quality, compassionate health care to Lima and its surrounding communities. Since 1918, St. Rita's has been committed to serving others in their time of need. Our mission of extending the healing ministry of Jesus is furthered through your generous donations, which are used for expansion and renovations, equipment, and developing new services and programs. As a part of the Foundation, you help ensure that everyone has a chance at quality and compassionate health care.

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