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Radiation treatments helped Joann beat her stage four throat cancer, but she was left with ongoing complications. In addition to having trouble swallowing, Joann fought bouts of chronic bronchitis and pneumonia. 

Over time, Joann’s condition became more drug-resistant. When she was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia, her medical team tried several antibiotics before finding one that worked. This medicine would allow Joann to safely continue to heal at home. The only problem? The medication wasn't covered by Joann's insurance, and the cost was out of reach for her. Without the medication, Joann would have spent a month in the hospital attached to an IV.

Instead, donations to the Patient Mission Fund paid for the medication that Joann needed to recover at home. 

“I want to say thank you to the donors,” said Joanne.  “You are giving people a chance at life again. You gave me one. Isn’t that all anybody wants, a better quality of life?”

Our goal is simple — to partner with donors to make lives better and communities stronger, with a special emphasis on those who are poor or under-served. We do this by raising charitable funds for the not-for-profit programs and facilities of Lourdes Hospital, such as the Ray and Kay Eckstein Hospice Care Center, the Lourdes Women's Center, community outreach programs, and more. Together, we can make a difference through our shared, faith-driven philanthropy. We welcome your partnership as we work to make lives better—in mind, body, and spirit in Paducah, KY and beyond.

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