Conferences & Scholarly Activities

Surgical Grand Rounds

This conference is held Wednesday morning and is moderated and coordinated by Cari Ogg, MD. Each session may include one or more case presentations followed by a didactic lecture covering a topic pertaining to the case presented. Topics should include surgical anatomy, physiology, pathology, surgical history, pharmacology and nutrition as they relate to the presentation. This academic session will be prepared by a resident, faculty or visiting professor. All residents are required to present at least one Grand Rounds each year.

Basic Science Conference

This weekly conference is held each Wednesday morning. The basic science curriculum is moderated by Scott Hobler, MD. Topics such as cardiology, fluid and electrolytes balance, acid-base, gastrointestinal disease and endocrinology are covered in order to prepare the residents for ABSITE and board examinations. The Schwartz textbook, along with other tutorials, is used as the foundation for this conference. 

Practice Based Learning Environment Conference (QI Conference)

Coordinated by Cari Ogg, MD, this conference, held on Wednesday morning, procedes Grand Rounds, which is made up of case presentations followed by discussion pertinent to those cases. Topics include operative complications and problems in wound healing, shock and circulatory physiology, fluid and electrolyte balance, metabolic response to injury and surgical nutrition. The resident who participated in the patient’s care is responsible for preparing complications for the conference. Residents are strongly encouraged to bring recent data/literature that may illustrate an improvement and/or current therapy.

Oncology Conference

This conference occurs on the forth Wednesday of each month. Shyam Allamaneni, MD, moderates/discusses surgical oncology principles.

SCORE Curriculum

The SCORE curriculum is covered in mock oral format. The topic corresponds with the basic science topic for the week. The conference is held on Tuesday afternoon and is moderated by Scott Hobler, MD. The topic of the week coincides with the Basic Science topic of the week.

Tumor Board Conference

All conferences are attended by radiology, oncology, pathology and surgery attendings to allow for a multi-disciplinary discussion on current cancer cases and their treatments. This conference includes a breast-specific conference on the first and third Wednesdays of the month. The solid tumor conference is held on the fourth Wednesday of the month, and thoracic tumor conference is held on the first and third Fridays of the month.

Journal Club / Quality Assessment & Improvement

This conference occurs on the second Friday of the month and includes medical and surgical residents. The conference is moderated by Cari Ogg, MD, Nix, MD, S. Ryan, MD and Naqui, MD. The group follows the Institute for Healthcare Improvement curriculum with review or relevant literature/journals.

Research Methodology

The research efforts of the residents are under the tutelage of Shyam Allamaneni, MD, a vascular surgeon within the Department of Surgery. Dr. Allamaneni acts as the resident mentor in assisting with the identification of research questions, the development of the research design studies, the collection and analysis of data and the final reporting of outcomes. Residents are expected to present throughout the academic year and their final research results during their Chief Grand Rounds.To assist the research activities of the residency program, particularly with data collection and analysis, the department has enlisted the expertise of the biostatisticians from the University of Cincinnati Department of Environmental Health who provide the statistical insights for a sound research design to the residents throughout the course of the scholarly inquiry.

Radiology Conference Simulation Readings Required:

  1. SCORE
  2. Schwartz Text (PGY-1–3)
  3. Cameron Text (PGY-4 & 5)
  4. Moore Vascular Text
  5. Marino ICU Manual

Weekly Calendar


Risk Management Conference

This conference, which is held annually, is led by Diane Aldrich, Director of Risk Management. During this conference, residents discuss topics on ethics, practice management and medical-legal issues.

Vascular Surgery Conference

Vascular conference is held on the second Wednesday morning each month. This conference schedule has been developed by Richard Fries, MD, and it allows for a major vascular text to be read and discussed on a two-year cycle.

ICU Lectures

Lectures focus on ICU basic concepts and dive deep into relevant literature. The lectures incorporate literature and clinical management of critically ill patients.