We welcome flowers and packages for our patients from their loved ones. You can purchase flowers and gifts in our hospital Gift Shop or you can use an outside vendor of your choice. Contact the Mercy Health - Fairfield Hospital Gift Shop at 513-870-7077.

If you send items to our hospital for a patient, please be sure to include their name (floor and room number if possible) and we will be happy to send these items to the patient in his or her room.*

Mercy Health - Fairfield Hospital address:

3000 Mack Road
Fairfield, Ohio 45014

All mail, packages and flowers addressed to patients will be delivered to their room.* Mail received after patient leaves the hospital will be forwarded to the patient’s home if the patient provides us with this information. Florists will be directed to deliver flowers to a patient's home if the patients has already left the hospital.

* =  NOTE: Patients in the intensive care unit (ICU) or cardiovascular unit (CVU) are not able to receive plants or flowers for safety reasons. Critically ill patients have a lot of work to do in the healing process. Their immune systems are already working hard to fight infection and heal damaged tissue. Plants and flowers can sometimes carry insects and germs into the environment that may further stress your loved one's immune system.