Breast cancer is the second most common cancer among women in the United States and results in nearly 40,000 deaths each year. In fact, one out of eight women will develop breast cancer some time during her life. That’s why Mercy Health is here to help women of all ages feel confident and informed about their breast health.   

Early detection is the key to survival. This starts with breast self-exams and getting to know what’s normal for you. Having some lumps is natural, and a regular breast self-exam will empower you to detect the early signs of cancer.

Your breasts will change over time with menstrual periods, pregnancy and aging, so as you age, early detection also includes getting a regular screening mammogram.

If breast cancer is detected, Mercy Health offers comprehensive treatment for women of all ages, with all stages of cancer. 

Services We Offer  

  • 2D mammography
  • 3D mammography (digital tomosynthesis)
  • Mobile mammography
  • Diagnostic mammogram
  • Molecular breast imaging
  • Breast MRI
  • Breast ultrasound
  • Needle biopsy (stereotactic breast biopsy)
  • Surgical biopsy
  • Genetic testing
  • Genetic counseling
  • Breast cancer surgery
  • Rehabilitation and therapy

Why Choose Mercy Health?

When it comes to breast health, we understand that even the prevention measures can cause anxiety. To put you more at ease, our knowledgeable staff and specialists focus on helping you understand prevention and early detection, as well as delivering accurate diagnosis and essential support services. Providing quality care with compassion isn’t just something we say — it’s what we do every day to help you be well. Reach out today to learn more or find a breast care specialist near you.

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