Surgery is one of many valuable tools we use to help you in the fight against cancer. Surgical oncology can be used to remove cancerous tumors in a specific area. Great care is used to leave healthy tissue intact, removing only the affected area. Oncology surgery is the oldest type of cancer therapy and is still considered an effective treatment for many types of cancer today.

Cancer surgery can be used to:

  • Diagnose cancer
  • Remove all or part of a tumor
  • Find where the cancer is located and if it’s spreading
  • Restore the body's appearance or function
  • Relieve side effects

Our oncology surgeons and specialists use the latest technology, including the da Vinci™ Robot, which is a computer-enhanced minimally invasive surgery system. We have specialists in pancreatic, liver, breast, lung and other tumor sites that are fellowship trained.  

Mercy Health is proud to offer Leksell Gamma Knife®, a proven technology to treat cancerous tumors and neurological disorders of the brain. Gamma knife surgery requires no incision and provides pinpoint accuracy using radiation to target tumors in the brain while preserving healthy tissue. 

Cancer Surgeries We Offer

  • Diagnostic
  • Staging
  • Tumor removal
  • Debulking
  • Palliation
  • Reconstruction
  • Preventive


Biopsies are used in most types of cancer. It is an incision get a tissue sample to find out if it’s cancerous. This could include a mole, lump or other bodily tissue.


A doctor removes lymph nodes to find out the size of a tumor and whether or not it’s spread.

Tumor removal

Also known as curative or primary surgery, this procedure removes the tumor and a small area of surrounding tissue. This procedure can be combined with chemotherapy or radiation therapy for more effective results.


This procedure removes part of the tumor, because removing all of it would cause damage to the body.


This treatment is used to lower the side effects caused by a tumor.


After cancer surgery, another surgery may be necessary to restore your appearance or your body’s natural functions.


In some cases, surgery may be needed to prevent cancer. This is true for women with a family history of breast cancer or removing precancerous polyps.

Why Choose Mercy Health?
We know surgery can be emotionally and physically exhaustive. That’s why we do everything we can do to create the best experience for you possible — mind, body and spirit. From offering oncological surgeries with fewer side effects to ensuring the most minimally invasive procedures are used, our goal is to get you back to living the life you love as soon as possible. Reach out to learn more or find a surgeon near you today.

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