What is an annuloplasty?

An annuloplasty is a procedure to reshape, reinforce or tighten the ring around one of the four valves of the heart.

Why is this procedure done?

An annuloplasty is performed when a ring surrounding one of the valves in the heart widens or changes from its normal shape. When the shape of the ring changes, it can cause issues or complications in the function of the valve. 

To return the valve to proper function, an annuloplasty or other valve repair procedures may be performed. Doctors will perform either an annuloplasty, patching or other surgical valve repair options. Some patients may be able to seek a non-invasive option, such as a balloon valvotomy. Your team of healthcare professionals will evaluate your personal needs, discuss your options with you and decide which treatment is best for you. 

What to expect during an annuloplasty

An annuloplasty is performed by a cardiac surgeon and takes place in an operating room, and under general anesthesia.Your cardiac surgeon may perform an annuloplasty alone or may combine the procedure with other techniques to repair a heart valve. This procedure can be done during open-heart surgery or minimally invasive heart surgery. Depending on the needs of each patient and whether the annuloplasty is performed with another procedure, length of time will vary for each patient. Average time can range from 2- 4 hours.  

What to expect after an annuloplasty

The average hospital stay to recover can range from a few days to a week. Your healthcare team will advise you on recommendations on your care plan when you return home and when you can resume normal activity. You will also be given instructions on caring for your incision what is normal healing and when you should contact your physician. 

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