Comprehensive Ophthalmology

Our expert Ophthalmology and Eye Care teams provide comprehensive, compassionate care throughout our communities. Our specialties range from preventive eye care to eye surgery, learn more about our individual specialties below.

Eye Surgery

At Mercy Health, our eye surgeons use the latest technology to correct a variety of vision problems and conditions, such as nearsightedness, cataracts and glaucoma.

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Eyesight and Vision Screening

Mercy Health eye doctors use the latest technology and screening tests to catch vision issues and eyesight problems in the earliest stages when they’re most treatable.

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Medical Eye Treatment

Mercy Health ophthalmologists are trained to identify any risk factors or signs of decline in your eye health.

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Eye Diseases and Disorders

At Mercy Health, we offer expert care to help treat and prevent a number of eye conditions. If you’re experiencing any type of problem with your vision, contact us today.

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Preventive Eye Care

Regular eye exams help catch glaucoma and other eye diseases in their earliest stages when they can be treated more effectively.

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