What is AlterG© anti-gravity rehabilitation?

AlterG© anti-gravity rehabilitation is a program that uses specialized anti-gravity equipment. This equipment includes treadmills that are designed for patients recovering from an injury or managing a health condition. They also work for seniors looking to regain strength and endurance. Athletes rehabbing from injuries or surgery may also use this treatment.

AlterG© treadmills have anti-gravity chambers which can reduce the impact of your body weight on your joints up to 80 percent. This lowers the impact when you're walking or jogging. It also reduces pain and effort. The treadmills support your normal gait and let you make natural movements.

What to expect from AlterG© anti-gravity rehabilitation

The AlterG© anti-gravity treadmill looks like a treadmill with an inflatable toy around it. The lower half of your body goes inside this inflatable chamber.

Before exercising on the treadmill, you put on a special pair of shorts. The shorts zip onto the casing of the chamber. This forms an airtight seal.

Your physical therapist will adjust the settings to match your needs. The machine measures your weight. The treadmill then inflates the chamber around you. It lifts you off of the walking surface to make you feel lighter.

In some cases, the machine uses video monitoring you're performing your exercises. This shows you anything unusual in your gait. That way, you can correct how you step. It also delivers other important stats to your therapist to help with your recovery.

AlterG© anti-gravity rehabilitation machines and programs can help you get on your feet faster than other physical therapy equipment. You can run and walk without making your injury worse. The end goal is to help you recover faster.

Common conditions requiring AlterG© anti-gravity rehabilitation

AlterG© anti-gravity rehabilitation works for any condition that doesn't let you bear weight without pain or altering your gait pattern.

These include:

  • Obesity
  • Herniated disk
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Total hip replacement
  • Total knee replacement
  • Total ankle replacement

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