What are Human Performance Assessments?

Human performance assessments are a series of tests that can determine the health and fitness of an individual. These tests include:

  • Body Composition
  • Isokinetic Strength
  • Metabolic Performance
  • 2-Dimensional Motion Capture
  • Bilateral and Unilateral Balance


What to expect from Human Performance Assessments?

Each assessment offers a unique perspective on health and fitness levels.

Body Composition Assessments utilize a COSMED “BOD POD” device to determine your level lean muscle and fat mass. This gives a look at your health and helps create a weight loss/gain plan customized to you. It includes post-test education, nutrition consultation and referral to a sports nutritionist if recommended or desired. Your test will take approximately five minutes and part of that time you will sit comfortably inside a Bod Pod. Once complete you will have an accurate reading of your body mass index (BMI), fat mass index (FMI), percentage body fat and body fat rating. You will also know your caloric expenditure at rest and estimated for your current activity level.

Isokinetic Strength Assessments are strength tests for designated muscle groups. We look at the strength, power and acceleration of these groups. During the post-test analysis we review and make corrective training recommendations.

Metabolic Performance Assessments include VO2 Max, calories per hour, lactate threshold and resting metabolic rate. VO2 Max is a measure of the metabolic performance during aerobic exercise. By using a stationary bicycle metabolic cart, we can measure the maximum amount of oxygen you can use utilize during intense exercise as well as lung capacity. Calories per hour is a how many calories are burned per hour during athletic activities. Lactate threshold measures your body’s ability to balance lactic acid levels during exercise. Finally, we determine your resting metabolic rate which is how many calories your body naturally burns while you are at rest.

2-Dimensional (2D) Motion Capture is an assessment of jumping and landing. We look at the mechanics of your body and assess safety, power, velocity, and impact. We use dual force plates and high-speed video cameras to create your unique analysis.

Bilateral and Unilateral Balance Assessments utilizes the Biodex Balance System to identify if a balance problem exists and identify the cause. This system creates an analysis, printed reports, corrective recommendations and referral for medical evaluation and training if needed.

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