When your child is sick enough that pediatric surgery is required, you can count on Mercy Health. Just as we are there as your healthcare partner when your child has a cold or needs vaccinations, we provide access to all the resources you need for surgical pediatric care. 

We provide high-quality pediatric surgical care for premature infants, newborns, children and adolescents. Our board-certified pediatric surgeons know how to diagnose and treat your child in all areas of pediatric surgery.

Our pediatricians and family physicians will help connect you with the pediatric surgeons you need so your child can get healthier. Whether removing tonsils or performing the most advanced heart surgery, our physicians and other caregivers work closely with you so you are fully prepared for surgery and recovery.

You should always take these important steps:

  • Know the facts about your child’s surgical needs
  • Compare all options
  • Consider your own feelings
  • Anticipate any follow-up care that may be required
  • Make an informed decision

Mercy Health connects you with the best available surgical pediatric care to provide your child and your entire family with the compassionate care and peace of mind you deserve.

Why Choose Mercy Health?
With the expertise to give your child the most advanced care possible, and the compassionate care that has defined Mercy Health for generations, we care for your entire family at the most vulnerable times in your life. At Mercy Health Children’s Hospital in Toledo we offer a centralized resource for advanced pediatric research, care and education, anchored in a major network of children’s specialists. The doctors, nurses and providers in our pediatric care network are dedicated to one goal – the health of your child.

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