Mercy Health occupational therapy (OT) and rehabilitation services help you regain independence in the areas of self-care, work and leisure following an illness or accident. Inpatient and outpatient therapy and education sessions are offered, along with an in-home exercise program, to help you live a safe, productive life.  

While you are in the hospital, occupational rehabilitation helps you prepare to go home and resume your daily activities. You may learn how to dress yourself, get up from a chair, get in and out of a bathtub, function in the kitchen and use the washer and dryer. Depending on your needs, your occupational therapist may show you how to use special devices and equipment that can help you safely manage on your own. 

In outpatient sessions, you can learn about strengthening, stretching, joint protection, energy conservation and equipment and techniques that will increase your independence and quality of life. Family members will learn how they can help you, how to ensure that your home is free of safety hazards and how to identify any needed modifications. After completing therapy, a home exercise program can help you continue to build your strength and abilities.
Why Choose Mercy Health?
Mercy Health occupational rehabilitation services provide you with the skills and knowledge to live your life to the fullest. Our staff and specialists all work towards ensuring that you get the support you need — mind, body and spirit.

Common Conditions

Fracture or dislocation of an extremity
Reconstructive surgery
Head, spinal cord or nerve condition
Head, spinal cord or nerve injury
Heart and lung disease
Pediatric developmental delays and birth defects

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