Autoimmune diseases are a result of antibodies attacking your body's connective tissues (skin and joints), blood vessels and organs by mistake.

If you suffer from one of the many autoimmune diseases (such as vasculitis, rheumatoid arthritis or lupus ), our expert team stands ready to provide compassionate solutions to manage your symptoms – and help you participate in life to the fullest.

Mercy Health’s expert team taps the latest research, combined with years of first-hand experience, to create the right plan of action for your condition. Your plan can include a combination of medication, exercise and diet. We provide testing to measure the antibodies in your blood to indicate whether you have an autoimmune disease.

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Mercy Health has specialists dedicated to improving health and wellness for those suffering from autoimmune diseases. Whether it’s testing or follow-up, our compassionate team of physicians and registered nurses specialize are here to help with autoimmune diseases. You can count on us.

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