Non-surgical spine care is always the first step of treating your spine before spinal surgery. While in some cases spinal surgery will be required after non-surgical treatment, non-surgical spine care can help heal some people completely.

Non-surgical spine care involves a series of non-invasive procedures such as exercise, chiropractic care, physical therapy, anti-inflammatory drugs, acupuncture and injections that are all used to reduce pain. When you start these treatments early enough, they can speed up the healing process. Through learning about your medical history, review of diagnostic tests and a physical exam, your doctor will be able to help determine the combination of treatments that are best for you.

After anti-inflammatory drugs, injections are one of the most widely used forms of non-surgical spine care. Performing injections under the guidance of an x-ray help ensure safety. Called a fluoroscopy, injections are performed by first injecting a liquid or contrast dye, and then the medication. Depending on what treatment you need, many types of injections are available, including epidural injections, facet joint injections, sacroiliac joint injections and provocation discography.
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Our goal is always to help you heal without spinal surgery. We’re proud to share that most Mercy Health patients can return to the active lives they enjoy without invasive treatment. Our team of spinal experts is committed to helping you heal — mind, body and spirit.

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