Mercy Health provides a continuum of care for persons with an ostomy in both the inpatient and outpatient settings.

Our goals for the person/families with a new or established ostomy are to:

  • Promote self-care and return to lifestyle
  • Provide patient and family education throughout the acute care and outpatient setting
  • Prevent skin complications and promote healing
  • Act as a resource for all persons with an ostomy and/or family, regardless of where the original surgery was performed or how long they have had the ostomy
  • In both the inpatient and outpatient setting we work closely with your surgeon/ physician to provide continuity of care and services

Services Include:

  • Pre-operative stoma site marking and education 
  • Post-operative consultation – scheduled follow-up after surgery for appliance fit and complication prevention 
  • Consultation and treatment of peristomal skin complications
  • Fit for peristomal hernia belts 
  • Tube site skin breakdown and drainage management
  • Cutaneous fistula management
Why Choose Mercy Health?
Our team is made of nurses Board Certified in ostomy, wound and continence and a Nurse Practitioner Board Certified Advanced Practiced in wound, ostomy and continence. Our goal is to help patients heal - mind, body and spirit.