Timely, High Quality Emergency Services

If you are experiencing chest pain or the symptoms of a heart attack, call 911 and go to the Accredited Chest Pain Center, Marcum & Wallace Hospital.

Your hometown hospital is now an Accredited Chest Pain Center. That means in an emergency, you can expect heart care, faster treatment and improved outcomes. 

In an emergent situation, time is of the essence. As Kentucky’s first Level IV Trauma Center, Marcum & Wallace Hospital Emergency is committed to providing patients of all ages with the rapid diagnosis and treatment of urgent health conditions. Our team uses the most advanced technology to treat the full spectrum of ill and injured patients. We also understand that while treating the physical symptom is critical, it’s just as important to provide compassion and support for patients and families during what can often be an emotional time. So, we’ll do our best to help ease your anxiety and provide the information you need to understand the situation.

When You First Arrive

Make sure you have your insurance information and are prepared to pay your co-payment. You will be asked to give consent for treatment, information about any allergies and information about any medications that you are currently taking. The triage nurse will evaluate your medical problem, measure your vital signs and then determine the order that patients will be seen.

Waiting to See the Doctor

We have several improvements in our Emergency Departments to reduce your wait time. Critically ill or injured patients are always seen first. Sometimes patients who need a special procedure will be seen out of order. But generally, patients are seen in the order in which they arrive.

Seeing the Doctor

The emergency physician will review your medical history with you and may contact your primary care physician. The doctor may order tests in the emergency department, send you elsewhere for more extensive testing, admit you to the hospital or treat your condition and release you from the emergency room to return home.


Family members or friends who accompany you may be asked to wait in the waiting room. The physician or nurse will determine whether you should have visitors.


You will usually receive two bills for your visit: one from the emergency physician and one from the hospital. For more information or if you have billing questions, please call our

Patient Accounts department at 855-208-9262.