Emergency Services

Emergency Services Expansion and Renovation has transformed the facilities into a comprehensive regional care center capable of meeting the best practices in emergency care now and in the future. 

  • 8000 Square Feet Additional Space and Complete Renovation of Existing Space
  • Improved Patient and Family Experience
  • Faster Treatment for Minor Injuries and Illnesses
  • Upgraded Facilities for Treatment of Victims in the Event of a Mass Casualty or Hazardous Catastrophe
  • Project Emerge is an $8 Million Dollar Emergency Department expansion and renovation project.  An additional 8,000 square feet will be added and the existing department, which was last updated in 1995, completely renovated. Improvements include: additional and larger rooms available 24/7 with “family zone,’ CarePath technology, Behavioral Health Safe Rooms, and a Meditation and Grieving Area.

Bigger and Better

Universal Emergency Care Rooms
The 46 universal rooms are 50% larger current rooms. Each room has meditation administration equipment for improved patient safety, as well as digital capacities for Electronic Medical Records and other technology, including full size monitors to view patient imaging (X-rays) and test results. 

Show Trauma Unit (STU)
The new trauma center features four fully equipped, 300-square foot rooms that grant our trauma team improved patient accessibility. 

Mass Casualty/Hazmat Rooms
Mass Casualty/Hazmat Rooms are designed to treat 15 patients in space segregated from the main ED and meet specific risks associated with local industry. The state of the art equipment includes a decontamination area in the event of a hazardous catastrophe. 

Growing with Technology

Emergencies are unpredictable. Without warning they can change our lives forever. As treatment standards and technology continue to evolve, so will St. Rita’s emergency services. 

  • 65% of all St. Rita’s Patient Admissions come through the ED
  • Life Flight averages 500 Transports per year

The EMS/Pre-Hospital Services Program at St. Rita’s Medical Center serves as a link between 25 regional EMS Squads and the Medical Center. The program helps to assure the continuity and quality of care for patients before and during transport to the emergency department. The program achieves this goal by providing ongoing education for all levels of pre-hospital care providers, from the first responders (person who provides emergency medical care to the sick or injured prior to the arrival of an emergency medical technician, EMT) through the advanced paramedic. The St. Rita’s EMS coordinator and emergency department physicians provide training to over 1,000 area EMS workers and they act as a resource on trauma and medical care. 

Pre-hospital care and services take place before a patient reached the Medical Center. Emergency services can have a dramatic impact on the survival and subsequent treatment of patients during the pre-hospital period of time. Particular to trauma cases, is the ‘golden hour’ of trauma, where a patient’s chances of survival are extremely high if appropriate care is rendered within the first hour following the accident. 

St. Rita’s is committed to pre-hospital care and to the training of EMS workers. The Medical Center annually hosts an awards evening to recognize the outstanding achievements of area EMS workers. 

St. Rita’s Medical Center continues its dedication in providing our community the finest in health care.