EMS & Pre-Hospital Services

The EMS and Pre-Hospital Services Program at St. Rita’s Medical Center serves as a link between approximately 40 regional Fire and EMS agencies and the Medical Center.  The program helps to assure the continuity and quality of care for patients before and during transport to the emergency department at St. Rita’s.  The program achieves this goal by providing on-going education for all levels of pre-hospital care providers, from the first responder (person who providers emergency medical care to the sick or injured prior to the arrival of an emergency medical technician, EMT) through the advanced paramedic.  The St. Rita’s EMS Coordinator, in consultation with St. Rita’s Emergency Department physicians, provides training to over 1,000 area EMS workers annually.  The EMS Coordinator also serves as a resource and point of contact to Fire and EMS agencies and providers in efforts to work together towards streamlining care for patients experiencing traumatic injuries, heart attacks (STEMI’s), strokes (CVA’s), and other medical emergencies.  

Pre-hospital care and services take place before a patient reaches St. Rita’s Medical Center.  Emergency services (Fire and EMS) can have a dramatic impact on the survival and subsequent treatment of patients during the pre-hospital period of time through use and coordination of pre-hospital provider triggered “Alerts” such as Trauma Alerts, STEMI Alerts, and Stroke Alerts.  As an example, particular to trauma cases, is the “Golden Hour” of trauma.  The golden hour is where a patient’s chances of survival are greatly improved if appropriate treatment and transport by Fire and EMS responders is rendered within the first hour following a traumatic accident or event.  In order to meet this short time frame, many times these Fire and EMS providers coordinate with St. Rita’s Life Flight for rapid transport of critical patients, which saves time in the golden hour.

St. Rita’s is committed to pre-hospital care and to the education, training, and recognition of our pre-hospital EMS providers throughout the area.  St. Rita’s Medical Center annually hosts an awards banquet to recognize the outstanding achievements of area Fire and EMS workers.  All communities in our area benefit from the services that these volunteer, part-time, and full-time Fire and EMS professionals provide.