Losing the use of an arm or hand due to an illness can change your life. If you want to regain function, you want the most highly trained and experienced team in West Central Ohio. The occupational therapy team at St. Rita’s Medical Center has great knowledge and experience working with patients that experience hand or arm injuries. 

What kind of problems can upper extremity therapy help?

Our occupational therapy staff can provide excellent care for patients who suffer from repetitive trauma such as carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic conditions such as arthritis, and traumatic injuries such as fractures and motor vehicle tendons, nerve damage severe burns, and amputations.

What is splinting?
Splints are devices that are worn on the injured arm or hand for various reasons. Splints can be used as protective devices and also as a piece of exercise equipment. Splints can also be used to stretch tendons, ligaments, and muscles after an extended recovery time or severe injury. These splints are often custom made to the patients and require great skill by the therapist. Detailed problem solving is completed by the therapist and the patient in determining which splint is appropriate and during the fabrication process. Splints can be static (non-moveable parts) or dynamic (movable parts).

Our team is able to determine if a patient is appropriate for an advanced dynamic splint after a person has suffered a stroke. The device sare called Saebosretch, Saeboreach, and Saeboreach. These splints can help patients regain hand function after a stroke.

How do I get these services?
After being referred by your physician, you will be evaluated by an occupational therapist specially trained in upper extremity injuries. The Therapist will use proven rehabilitation interventions and exercises to help improve the function of the affected hand or arm. The therapist will work with your physician regarding the appropriate advancement of your recovery.

How do I get an appointment?
You need to first see your physician and receive a prescription for occupational Therapy. You can then call to make an appointment at any of our locations by calling 419-226-9019.

There are 27 bones in the normal human hand and wrist. The hand is capable of a multitude of delicate movements. These movements are controlled by 34 muscles which wove the fingers and thumb. The muscles are located in the hand and forearm.