If an injury, illness or other medical condition is limiting your ability to function or participate in your normal routines, you can get the rehabilitation care you need right here in Putnam County.

How it can help

Our team at St. Rita’s Putnam County YMCA is focused on one thing: you. We work closely with you and your doctor to give you high quality coordinated care. By working together, our goals are to help you reach your goals and get you back to your active, fulfilling life as fast as we can.

What we offer

  • Physical therapy treats problems with the bones, muscles and the nervous system caused by aging, injury or disease
  • Occupational therapy treats both orthopedic and neurological disorders that stop you from doing everyday tasks at home and at work
  • Speech therapy treats speaking, thinking and swallowing disorders Specialties: Vestibular, spine and head treatment, balance, Saebo, kinesis tape, adaptive equipment and custom UE Splinting. Talk to your doctor to see if our services are right for you. We accept most insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid. Our programs are approved by the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation.

Learn More

For more information about outpatient rehabilitation services near you, call 419-523-5391 or visit mercy.com.

St. Rita’s Putnam County YMCA
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