Private Basketball Coaching

Anderson HealthPlex has teamed up with Shine Training to offer professional basketball coaching. Shine Training challenges your child to be his or her best in the game and helps build confidence that extends far beyond the basketball courts. Coching sessions focus on:

  • Developing Confidence, Self-Esteem and Mental Toughness
  • Building Skills in Ball Handling, Shooting, Footwork/Speed
  • Defensive and Offensive Principles
  • Becoming a Student of the GameStart With a Free Assessment:30-Minute Meeting with Player and Parent(s)
  • Assessment of Skills
  • Establishment of Short and Long Term Goals
  • Evaluation of Synergies and Focus
  • Recommendations

Private Basketball Coaching is available in one-on-one or group sessions. Contact the Front Desk or call 513-624-1871 to schedule your free assessment.


Pickleball is here! The fun paddle sport is easy to learn but can quickly develop into a fun, competitive experience for players of all ages. Visit the US Pickleball Association's website for more information about the spot. Contact Jerry Howard at for details on how you can get involved in Pickleball at the Plex!

Racquetball Leagues

The adult league program provides flexible weekly competitive round-robin play in 2 different levels. You’ll be matched weekly with an opponent and can schedule your match at a time that is convenient for you. Contact Bob Temp at 513-233-6495 for more information.