Massage & Healing Arts

Our attentive and experienced Licensed Massage Therapists will pull you into a place of complete relaxation and rejuventation. Stop by the Front Desk or call 513-682-1212 to book your appointment today.

Therapeutic Massage Services & Pricing

30 minute - $48 M  $60 NM
60 minute - $69 M  $83 NM
90 minute - $100 M   $125 NM
Hot Stone (75 min) - $100 M  $125 NM
Chair Massage (15 min) - $20 M  $25 NM

*Ask about our multi pack discounts*

The Spa Signature Massage
Our dedicated therapists will draw upon their knowledge of Swedish and other massage techniques to customize your Signature Massage to address your individual needs.

Deep Tissue Massage
This intense technique eases pain and loosens tight muscles using deep strokes and firm pressure.

Hot Stone Massage
Hot, volcanic stones stimulate the circulation system and increase metabolism by releasing tension and opening energy channels.

Pre-Natal Massage
This natural touch therapy relieves tension and alleviates pregnancy-related discomforts, while creating positive energy for you and your baby.

Baby’s First Massage®
Teaching parents or caregivers listening and sensitive touch skills in order to empower them to create a strong family foundation of love, esteem, and respect. Bringing the joy and healing of massage to babies and their families.

Medical Recovery Massage
Massage therapy designed specifically for individuals recovering from surgery, a medical condition or suffering from chronic pain.

Reflexology concentrates on applying pressure to certain points on the hands and feet that correspond to organs and tissues in the body.