Breast Biopsy Results Within 24 Hours

Empowered. Because I Know.

Know more. Know now. Introducing I Know.

When you’re in the know, you have power. Being in the know about your breast health gives you the power to take control of your healthcare decisions, and enables you to move forward.

At Mercy Health, we make knowing if you have breast cancer as easy and stress-free as possible, with an expert, caring staff. And when you know, you are empowered to do anything.

How it works

It all starts with your annual mammogram. Call 513-956-3729 to schedule at a Mercy Health hospital or imaging center.

When you receive a mammography screening, you’ll get the results before you leave your appointment. If something is detected, your radiologist will recommend that you receive additional imaging or a breast biopsy.

You’ll have the opportunity to enroll in the I Know 24-hour notification program when scheduling or arriving for your appointment. This allows you to receive your imaging or breast biopsy results no later than the next business day when tests are performed before 2 p.m.

What our patients are saying

“Getting mammogram results the same day is reassuring”
  – Kristina O.

“Getting my mammogram results immediately gave me peace of mind”
  – Barbara N.

“Words to sum up the I Know program? Relief/Comfort”
  – Alice W.

“Knowing your results before you leave the Women's Center – GREAT”
  – Joann M.