Temporary Visitor Restrictions

Effective 7/20/2022, there are no restrictions on visitation on non-COVID-19 inpatient units at Mercy Health, with the exceptions noted below:

  • Mothers in labor may have four designated visitors. Once mom and baby are in the post-partum area, moms may have two visitors for emotional well-being and care.
  • Critical Care Units may have one visitor from 7a – 7p. Exceptions may be made for end or life patients.
  • Emergency Department: One visitor with each patient. Exceptions will be considered based on end-of-life situations or when an essential care giver or parent/guardian is essential for the patient’s emotional well-being and care. If the patient is a child, the child may be accompanied by 2 essential care givers.
  • Patients in diagnostic areas may have one individual, preferably an essential caregiver/guardian, with them for emotional well-being and care.
  • Patients in Surgery and Ambulatory Surgery Center may have one individual, preferably an essential caregiver/guardian with them for emotional well-being and care. If the patient is a child, the child may be accompanied by 2 essential care givers.
  • Hospice - Call for hospice guidelines before visiting.
  • Urgent care: Only one visitor with each patient. If the patient is a minor may be accompanied by 2 parents, guardians, or supportive family members.

Patients in our community medical offices may have one individual, preferably an essential caregiver/parent/guardian, with them for emotional well-being and care. Examples of an essential caregiver include the parent/guardian of a minor, family/caregiver of an individual who is impaired due to age or physical/cognitive disability.

Infants in a covered carrier can accompany the patient when necessary. Some units may have dedicated hours that children can visit patients.

Clergy may visit for end of life and briefly for other exceptional circumstances approved by charge nurse for COVID units. Clergy may visit other inpatients without restriction.
Lobbies & waiting rooms – only patient and essential caregiver/guardian only.

No visitors to COVID-19 units or to patients being ruled out for Covid: Exceptions will be considered on individual basis and for end-of-life situations.

No Visitors to Behavioral Health

Visitors must:

  • Wear mask at all times while inside the hospital walls and in all Mercy Health facilities. Visitors who do not wear a mask will be asked to leave the premises.
  • Agree not to be a visitor if experiencing any symptoms of illness
  • Perform hand hygiene frequently, especially before putting on and after taking off a mask
  • Try to minimize time in hallways and common areas.
  • Flowers may be delivered to the front desk. Flowers will be picked up or delivered by associates/volunteers

Vendor access restricted to essential services only. All non-essential vendors will not be allowed. Vendors should call their Lourdes Hospital contact if entrance is necessary. In person sales are prohibited.

Visitors wishing to see an inpatient who already has one visitor must wait in their vehicle. Waiting is not permitted in common areas.

Lourdes Hospital recommends that anyone at high risk for severe illness, such as older adults or those with serious underlying conditions, not visit at this time.

Visitor Information


Mercy Health — Lourdes Hospital offers free wireless internet access to patients and visitors. Feel free to bring your WiFi enabled laptop or hand-held device with you to your next appointment/visit.

Smoking Policy

To protect the health of our patients, visitors and associates, smoking is prohibited on the Lourdes campus. This includes all buildings, parking lots, and grounds.