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Greater freedom and personal choice.

  • Unlike traditional home care, which requires you to be “homebound” to receive services, patients receiving hospice care are encouraged to stay as active as possible.
  • Patients and their families have more involvement and greater control in decisions relating to their plan of care.

Peace of Mind

  • Nurses are available to answer questions for caregivers and family members any time of day and to make visits as appropriate. 
  • Professional and caring support to help patients and family members cope with the stress.

What is Hospice Care? 
Hospice is a specialized form of home care which concentrates on comfort-oriented measures for individuals with terminal illnesses. Electing to receive hospice care does not mean giving up hope. Instead it means curative treatments are no longer effective in arresting the disease’s progression. 

Financial Burdens Removed
Hospice is a benefit you may be entitled to through Medicaid, Medicare or private insurance. The benefit entitles you to payment for:

  • All visits made by members of Hospice of the Valley’s interdisciplinary team
  • Visits to your doctor or specialist which are related to your terminal diagnosis
  • All medications related to the terminal illness diagnosis
  • All durable medical equipment that is needed, such as hospital beds, oxygen, etc.
  • Special therapies that are requested by your physician as part of your plan of care


Services we offer include:

  • Attending physician and/or hospice medical director board certified in hospice and palliative care
  • Skilled visits from nurses who are specially trained in pain management and symptom control
  • Personal hygiene care provided by certified home health aides
  • Resource assistance and emotional support provided by licensed social workers
  • Compassionate listening and non-judgmental spiritual guidance provided by chaplains
  • Caregiver support provided by trained companion volunteers in the home so the caregiver can attend to matters outside the home
  • Family support services

Hospice Care is Available
Hospice of the Valley can provide care anywhere the patient calls home, including: 

  • His or her own home, apartment or condo
  • A family member’s residence 
  • A nursing home or long-term care facility
  • An assisted living facility
  • The hospital
  • The Hospice House

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who qualifies for hospice care?
Anyone who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness such as cancer, congestive heart failure, emphysema, or any illness where a cure is not currently possible.

What services does hospice provide? 
Learn more about hospice services

What types of terminal illnesses are covered by hospice care? 
Any illness where cure is currently not possible, including: 

  • Respiratory disease
  • Emphysema
  • ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) 
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Neurological disorders
  • End-stage Alzheimer’s Disease
  • End-stage liver and/or kidney disease
  • Cancer

What is the difference between hospice care and traditional home care? 

  • Level of care – the staff at Hospice of the Valley is specially trained and certified to care for individuals with terminal illnesses. Most home care agencies are not specialists in caring for the terminally ill.
  • Restrictions to mobility – in traditional home care, the patient must be homebound; not so with hospice care. Patients are encouraged to do as much as they feel they can do.
  • Medical reimbursement – Under hospice reimbursement, the patient is entitled to additional items and services as appropriate. 

Who pays for hospice care?
Hospice of the Valley is a nonprofit organization which accepts patients regardless of their ability to pay for services.

Hospice care is also a benefit provided under Medicare, Medicaid and most types of private insurance. 

How long is hospice care provided?
Generally, hospice care is offered when a physician certifies that a patient has a life expectancy of six months or less. However, care can be extended if the patient’s condition warrants. 

How quickly can hospice care be provided?
Once a referral is made, Hospice of the Valley will make the admission as soon as needed.

How do I request hospice services?
You can ask your doctor to make a referral to Hospice of the Valley, or you can contact Hospice of the Valley yourself and request the services. 

If I am being cared for by hospice of the valley, do I still see my doctor?
Yes. Think of Hospice of the Valley as an extension of your physician’s office. 

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