Timely, High Quality Emergency Services

In an emergent situation, time is of the essence. That’s why the emergency teams at Mercy hospitals are committed to providing patients of all ages with the rapid diagnosis and treatment of urgent health conditions. Our multidisciplinary team uses the most advanced technology to treat the full spectrum of ill and injured patients. We also understand that while treating the physical symptom is critical, it’s just as important to provide compassion and support for patients and families during what can often be an emotional time. So, we’ll do our best to help ease your anxiety and provide the information you need to understand the situation.

Comprehensive Treatment for Heart Attack and Stroke

Every second counts when you are having a cardiac event or a stroke. At Mercy Regional Medical Center in Lorain, when you come to the ER with chest pain or heart attack symptoms, you can expect the following:

  • Prompt attention
  • Immediate cardiac monitoring
  • The latest heart attack treatments, including clot-busting medications and/or emergency cardiac catheterization
  • Access to 24/7 cardiac surgery team and cath lab

When you have a stroke, the right treatment for you needs to begin right away. The newest, most successful treatments for stroke must begin within three hours of your initial symptoms to be effective. 

Mercy Regional Medical Center has the only certified Stroke Center in Lorain County. Our experienced team is trained to rapidly assess stroke symptoms and immediately begin treatment by working closely with the emergency departments at Mercy Regional Medical Center and Mercy Allen Hospital. Rapid treatment helps minimize stroke damage and maintain quality of life.

Mercy Allen Hospital Call Ahead ER

Mercy Allen Hospital Call Ahead ER

To use the call ahead service at Mercy Allen Hospital, simply call us at 844-424-ER4U (844-424-3748) and share the patient’s name, symptoms and estimated arrival time. Before you arrive, the Mercy Allen team will begin to prepare for your arrival and treatment, saving you time.

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